Oodle API

Oodle API

"We've been using Oodle's API for a few months and are very happy with the results. The implementation was painless and has been extremely well-received by our users."

- Carl Ferrer, Director of Marketing for Backpage.com

What is the Oodle API?

The Oodle API is a full-featured REST-based web service that gives you access to the same listings and search engine that Oodle uses to power Walmart, MySpace, and Oodle.com.

Note that the Oodle API is read-only. You can retrieve listings from Oodle using the API, but you cannot insert listings into Oodle using the API. If you would like to insert listings into the Oodle Index, please visit our Advertiser page.

Everything you need to get started.

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