Partner with Oodle

Oodle operates a network of online marketplaces with more than 20M monthly visits including the Oodle Marketplace.

Whether you are an advertiser looking to drive traffic to your website or Facebook Pages -- or a publisher wanting to expand your offerings, Oodle would like to partner with you.


  1. Put social media to work for your business using Oodle
    • Get your listings on Oodle, Twitter, and Marketplace on Facebook
    • Increase your leads through word-of-mouth referrals
    • Measure your results with social media tracking reports
  2. Direct more traffic to your listings by participating in our Featured Listings program
    • Relevant listings will be featured on the top of search results pages
    • Banner ads will be targeted locally to interested buyers
    Learn more about our Featured Listings Program
  3. Put ads in front of highly-qualified buyers through Oodle’s Display Advertising Program
    • Oodle offers a variety of display options, including Mid-rectangles (300 x 200), Skyscrapers (160 x 600) and Null results (550 x 120).
    • Geo-target across various verticals
    Learn more about Oodle’s Display Advertising


  1. Get more listings with the Oodle API
    • Easily add Oodle Marketplace to your search results or existing classifieds offering.
    • Increase revenues through additional ad inventory.
    • Launch into locations you don’t currently cover, or add additional verticals to complement your own.
    Learn more about the Oodle API
  2. If you would like to discuss potential revenue opportunities please contact us here (