Oodle API Examples

"Embedded" Results
Supplement your existing listings with results delivered through Oodle's API.
Example: Embedded Oodle Results

"See More" Results
Offer your users the option to check out listings on other local sites.
Example: See More Oodle Results

Oodle API in Action

See how others are integrating Oodle listings into their site with the Oodle API:
  • CarsAlerts - iPhone users! This one's for you. Search Oodle "vehicles" listings using your iPhone.
  • My Apartment Map - Apartment search guide with Oodle listings
  • Überlisting - Real estate search, clean UI, Oodle listings ... übernice!
  • ListPic - A "Visual Classifieds Browser" powered by the Oodle API
  • Backpage - Extra listings ("link via Oodle.com") at end of Backpage search results
  • Webfetch - A UK search engine powering their classifieds site with listings from the Oodle API
  • Efind - A re-creation of the Oodle UI using the Oodle API
  • Property Snake - Uses data from the Oodle API to track price decreases on homes in the UK
  • ConnectWithLife - Real estate listings powered by the Oodle API
  • Joplin CrashPad - an independent community site (Joplin, Missouri) with Oodle listings integrated in many places
  • Listed Local - real estate, vehicles, and other items for sale, all powered by Oodle
  • Just Good Cars - a motoring portal for all new and used cars

Oodle Widgets Examples