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Please review our feed guidelines and feed FAQ before you get started.

  • We only accept feeds constructed in the proper Oodle Format. All other feeds will be rejected.
  • It may take up to 30 days for approved feeds to go into our index. You will receive an email when your listings have been processed.
  • Do not re-submit your feed if you have updated it. We automatically fetch your feed on a daily basis at the URL or FTP provided.
  • If you have changed the location of your feed, please contact the Oodle Feed Team here.
  • We only provide technical support for Oodle Pro or the Oodle Paid Inclusion Program.
Step 1: Feed Information
The top level category to which this feed belongs. We ask for at most one feed per category.
The format of your feed as described in our feed guidelines.
Please provide a URL or FTP information where we can download your feed. URL or FTP file path/name must be permanent. Advertisers in our featured listings program may elect to FTP their listings to Oodle. For more information, please contact our sales team at
  Required: Test your feed using the Test button. You can't submit your feed without passing the test.
Step 2: Contact Information
Please include a valid email. If there is an issue with your feed, this is how we will contact you.
If none, write "Not applicable."
Step 3: Your Website Information
This is the name to which we will attribute your listings on our search result pages. Please limit to 40 characters.
Check this box if your website requires registration in order to see the details of the listing. We strongly recommend that you provide direct links to your listing detail pages.