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How to Report a Suspicious Listing

I saw a listing that is Scam, Spam, or is Inappropriate. What should I do?

Our automated tools remove thousands of bad listings every day, but some get through because fraudsters develop new techniques of getting around our system.

If you see a listing on our site that you suspect is fraudulent, please help us remove it by reporting it. If you see a possibly fraudulent user posting from several accounts, report at least one listing from each account.

The 'Report' function can be found under the little gray gear icon. For listings that are posted on Oodle, the only gray gear is see on the listing details page. For listings sourced from other websites, you should be able to hover your mouse over the search results on and see the gray gear icon appear on the lower right side of the listing.

Using the 'Report' function is a lot faster and more efficient in removing fraudsters and spammers than contacting customer support. Be sure to include a reason why you think the listing is fraud when you are reporting. We also ask you to provide your email address. Please use the same email address you used to contact the seller.

Note: Using 'Report' is NOT a way to contact the support team.

Log into your account. Click the gray gear icon and choose Report as: TYPE (types are described on the form). Tell us why you think it fits the type of report, then check to make sure your email address is correct and click "Submit".

Please switch to Desktop view. Find the small gray gear icon below the image to the right of the Share & Like icons.

Important: Some listings are sourced from other websites and will take you off to another website. In that case the Oodle Report feature is only available on the search results page, not after you click the link in the title. Be sure to also report the scam to the original source website.

To contact our support team about a suspicious listing, be sure to 'Report' the listing first, then visit this Suspicious Listing Contact page and click the thumb down icon 'This did not answer my question' to reveal the contact form.

If you have Lost Money to a scammer visit this Lost Money Contact Help page instead.

**NOTE: Oodle Support is having trouble receiving from and sending communications to some email addresses. Please read this FAQ: DMARC ENFORCEMENT FAQ YAHOO and AOL

*If you emailed with the scammer, please provide the email address.
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