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What can be Edited in a listing I posted?
There are some fields (attributes) of a posted listing that can be easily edited, and some fields cannot be edited. To follow is a list.

These fields cannot be edited at all:

  • Currency - is based on the currency for your country.

  • Attributes that are read from the description or "parsed" by our program after posting is completed. eg. "parking" is the amenity which is assigned when the word "garage" shows in the description for a rental or real estate listing.

These fields can be edited directly by using the edit box associated with the field:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Location

  • Category

  • Price

  • Images can be added and removed.

  • Attributes specific to the category that are input on the description page from category specific fields we show during the post process.
    eg. number of Bedrooms and Baths, or the mileage on a car.

How to Edit
  1. Log into your account

  2. Click Me > My Account

  3. Click My Listings. Find the title of the listing you want to edit.

  4. You can either click the title of the listing to view the ad management page, or you can click "Manage" under the title.

  5. The background will gray out and the Edit screen will pop-up. Make the changes to the description, title, why? category and then other editable fields as needed.

  6. Click "Save".

Once the changes are processed into our search database, the changes will show on the search results. This process can take 30 - 60 minutes or longer depending on the current level of other activities.

Still having a Problem?
If you are having a problem with editing a listing and you still need to reach us, use this Contact Us form, click the "Thumbs down" (This did not answer my question) link to open the Contact Support form, please choose "This does not answer my question" below and fill in the form to contact support.
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