Missing Account Information
If you encounter a message when Registering or attempting to log in: "Your account is not found.", please read the following suggestions and contact support if needed:

Please use your full email address and password to log in.


  • We have changed our login method to use the email address for log in. We tried to "grandfather in" old accounts with a separate User Name, but we are no longer able to support that login method. So if you used to use a "User Name" you may need to switch to using a full email address.

  • If your email address is not found, please register a new account.

  • Your account may have been Disabled/Deactivated. We only do this at the customer's request.

To Reactivate an Account that is Deactivated:

Fill in this Reactivate My Account form to let contact a support representative. We will reply when your request is completed.

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