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I received notice that a listing violated content policy - How?
Listings can be removed for many different reasons through several different mechanisms.
  • Most often users don't realize that they may not post the same listing more than once
  • You may not post across different regions.
  • Listings should be posted locally. We don't support "National" posts.
  • Keyword stuffing is not allowed.
  • Your listing may have been deactivated because we currently restrict professionally owned or managed Rental properties from being listed within the Marketplace. This content is exclusively provided by our partner You can contact them if you wish your listings to be shown in the Marketplace on Oodle or Facebook.
For more details, please check our Terms of Use and Content Policy links.

Sometimes our systems (automated or human review) make a Mistake.

Dispute System
If you feel your listing has been wrongly removed, and you have received a Marketplace Policy Violation Notice from us, please use the "Dispute" link in the email we sent. There may also be a "Dispute" link on your listing manage page. (My Account > Listings > right column).
If you did not receive a Dispute link, you may fill in the Contact Help form to send us information about your issue. Please be specific.
We will review your account and reply as appropriate. [Hint: Click The thumb down icon on the Help page to see the contact form].
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