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Delete Remembered Passwords

I received the reset password email but still can't log in. Why doesn't it work?

  • Please make sure that your Caps Lock key is OFF and if you are on a laptop, that NumLock is OFF.

  • If you have asked your internet browser program to remember your password, it may not allow you to change to a new password. This happens most often with Internet Explorer.

    • The best resolution for this is to tell the browser to forget the password for our site.
      Some browsers allow you to delete a specific website's password.
      Internet Explorer only allows you to delete ALL passwords.

    • Instructions to delete remembered Passwords for newer versions of Internet Explorer.
      1. Tools (or Gear icon)
      2. Internet Options
      3. General Tab
      4. Browsing History
      5. Delete (button)
      6. Check box next to Passwords
      7. Click OK
  • A second option is that you may be visiting a Favorite or Bookmark which points to a cookied page.
    1. Try visiting this page: to log in.
    2. If necessary, delete your Favorite or Bookmark and replace it with the correct page address. (Visit and make a new Favorite before you log into Oodle.)
    3. If necessary, delete your Cookies (for both Oodle and Facebook) and start over.
  • A third option is to try to log in with the newly reset password using a different internet browser, such as Firefox, or Chrome and test your new password with that internet browser.
  • A final option is to open a "New Private Window" (in Firefox) or "A New Incognito Window" (in Chrome) and to test your new password from that window.

If you have already tried the above recommendations and continue to have difficulty with your login after deleting your remembered password, please fill in this Contact Us form. HINT: Click the "Thumbs down" (This did not answer my question) link to open the form and send us a message.

*Please copy/paste the password you received in the message from Oodle.
*What email address are you using to log in?
Please include a link to the Marketplace page you are on when you log in.
*Please provide other important details about your issue.
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