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Broken Links
Generally, if your browser 'spins' or gives an error when you click on a listing from our search results, it means that the listing was not hosted on Oodle, and the system is attempting to connect to another website. Either the link we were provided was a bad link or the listing has been removed by the original website.

Sometimes the links to listings we receive from other websites can be created incorrectly. In that case, you might notice an error message on your browser.

Another possible problem is that the website our system is trying to point your browser to has an error on the page. This could cause your browser to temporarily freeze.

You can report individual listing problems to us by clicking the Gear icon that you can see when you mouse over the listing on the search results page. If you have noted such a problem with a set of listings from one source, please fill in the form on our Help page to contact support about a Broken Link.
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