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Compromised Posting Account

Hijack Suspected

Log into your Oodle Marketplace account ( > then click sign in) and
* You get a message when signing in that says your account doesn't exist.
* OR you find listings posted on your Me > My Listings page that you did not post.
* OR if you receive an activated 'Your Listing is Live ...' email for a listing you did not post.

Your account may have been hijacked. Perhaps you received an email you thought was from, but was not. If you opened a phishing email sent by scammers and you clicked the link and signed into a false version of, you may have given your email address and password to the scammers.

From the FAQ, please use the Hijacked Account Help form to contact our support team. We will investigate and get back to you.

Please provide a link to at least one of the listings or provide the listing ID from your My Account > Listings page. Or find an old 'Your Listing is Live!' email from us and include the link to the listing.

Passwords: Hopefully, you don't share your Oodle password with other important accounts. If you did use the same password as you use for Facebook or your email account login, you should change those passwords as soon as possible.

Provide a link to a listing that was posted using your account.
*Please describe fully the circumstances regarding your account problem.
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