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Connecting your Oodle Marketplace account with Facebook

How to Connect to Facebook

Oodle requires that all manually posted listings be connected to a valid Facebook profile/timeline.

If you have an existing Oodle account and the email address you use to post listings is different from the address you use to log into Facebook, you can still connect to your Facebook account. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Oodle account: and Sign In.
  2. Click Me
  3. Click My Account.
  4. In the Connect with Facebook section, click the link to connect and then a screen will pop up to ask you to sign into your Facebook account.
  5. Enter your Facebook email and password

After you follow that procedure, you should see your Facebook profile image near the top of the Oodle page on the left. This will always indicate to you that your Facebook account is properly connected to your Oodle login account.

* Your Facebook Profile image will now be passed into Marketplace as your Seller image for each listing you post. It will also display on your Seller page, unless you have also connected your account to a Facebook Professional/Fan page.

If you have trouble connecting to your Facebook account, you can use this Help form to contact support.

HINT: Click the thumb down icon - "This does not answer my question" link and fill in the form with the details.

*Please provide your Facebook Home page (URL or ID) .
Please provide a link to your Facebook Professional/Fan Page.
*Please describe your issue in detail below.
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