category description id title url address city country neighborhood state zip_code benefits company company_size create_time currency employee_type expire_time fee hourly_rate industry ip_address registration required_education required_experience salary salary_type seller_email seller_name seller_phone seller_url Recruiter Jobs Recruiter needed to locate and hire engineers for this growing company. Join now and get stock options! 3916251 Recruiter Needed for Growing Company 3459 Oak Street Concord US Willow Park CA 94772 401K, child care Spool Software 12,000 2004-07-16T14:00:00-07:00 USD Full Time Permanent 2004-09-16T14:00:00-07:00 yes 12.50 technology yes 2 year degree 4 years 83000 hourly Joe Smith 123-456-7890