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Posting to Circles and to Friends Only is being deprecated

Oodle has made the decision to deprecate the ability to Post to Friends Only and to Circles Only

You will still be able to see listings that your Friends and Neighbors have posted on Marketplace.
After 11/01/2012, you will not be able to post listings so that only your friends or only a specific circle can see the listing.
After 11/19/2012 all existing Friends-only and Circle-only listings will be deleted from your My Listings page in order to prevent confusion regarding who can see the listing.

If you wish to prevent the deletion of any of your Friends-only or Circle-only listings you can do so by following the directions below before Nov. 18, 2012.
  • Log into the Marketplace.
  • Click Me.
  • Click My Listings.
  • Click Edit for the listing(s) you wish to keep. Make changes so that the listing can be posted publicly.
  • Click Post when done.

Note: you will notice that the choice of Friends only and your circles will not show above the Post button.

After you finish making the changes the listing will be published as Public to all Marketplace users.

If you have questions about the deprecation of these features, please visit this Circles Help page.
Hint: Click 'This does not answer my question' next to the thumbs down icon to reveal the Contact Support form.

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