How Oodle Obtains Listings

Listings viewed on our site, but obtained from other websites cannot be edited on our website.

  • If you originally posted the listing on the site that shows as our source for the listing please visit your original listing and edit it. Our site will usually get notification of the changes and those will be reflected in a new version of your listing within approximately 4-7 business days.
  • If you wish, we can remove the listing(s), but if the original is still available where the listing is posted, others will still be able to see and find the listing there and we cannot be sure new versions of the listing(s) won't show up on our site.

If you still wish us to remove your listing, from the FAQ page use the form on this page to Contact Support, fill in the form and please provide us a link to the search results page that shows the listing. In addition, we will need other information, such as a link to the source of the listing.

Hint: Click The thumb down icon (This does not answer my question.) on the page to open the form.
*Please copy/paste the URL to the search page where you found your listing on our site.
*Please describe your question or problem in detail.
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