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Inappropriate User Conduct
Oodle Terms of Use section 4. User Conduct begins by making a clear statement of expected conduct by all users of our system:

You agree to act responsibly and to treat other users with respect. Users also must not use the Site or the Service to harass or abuse other users. Individuals who have demonstrably harassed other individuals may be removed from the Service or blocked from the Site.

Users who send harassing messages using Marketplace comments or messaging buyers or sellers through the Oodle lead (I'm Interested) forms, will be suspended for violation of terms of use.
If you have been harassed by someone using the Oodle Marketplace messaging or public comments on a listing, please visit this Contact Support form to report your situation to the Abuse support desk. Please supply us with as much information as possible.
  • If you are being harassed, please do not respond.
  • If you are a seller, please take note of the Name of the commenter and "Remove" the comment.
  • If you are a shopper/buyer, please note the title of the listing and save a link to the listing, if possible.

*Name of the user who is violating Conduct rules.
Email of the user. If a message was sent through our system, please use the coded email address you recieved.
If the user responded through a listing, provide the title and/or the ID of the listing.
*Please describe the situation in detail.
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