DELETE: Shutdown of Oodle Pro - Questions & Answers

Effective 02-28-2013 is turning off all Oodle Pro features for all self-serve subscribers.

If you are an Oodle Pro member, you have already received an email from telling you of the changes we are making to shut down all Oodle Pro accounts.

What are the limits per category?

Once Pro is shut down, the number of active listings will be limited by the category you post in.

Category Limits
Category Listings
Cars 5
Jobs 4
Real Estate 4
Rentals 4
Merchandise 8
Pets 4
Tickets 8
Services 4

What will happen to my current listings that are over the limit for my category?

  • Your currently posted listings above the limit will be immediately moved into Pending status.
  • Older listings will be given active priority over newer listings.
  • Once a listing has expired, it cannot be re-posted to Active status until you have less listings active than the number allowed for the category.
  • You can deactivate listings sooner by visiting Me -> My Listings and choosing to deactivate or delete an older listing before its expiration date.
How do I change a listing from Pending to Active?

Each new listing (over the maximum limit for the category) will be created and left in 'Pending' status until you choose to deactivate or delete an older listing. Once you are under the listing limit, you can Activate a Pending listing by visiting your Listings page (sign into, click Me > My Listings). Then click Activate.

I am using the Marketplace “My Listings” App on my Facebook page, what will happen to it?

Our Facebook My Listings application will also be impacted by this change. Effective shortly after the 2/28/2013 Pro shutdown, the My Listings app will also be shutdown. You should instruct the administrator of your Facebook page to uninstall the app effective 2/28.

If I was owed a Credit based on an annual prepayment, when was that credit issued?

Any owed credits were issued the week of 1/21/13 and should show on the original credit card you used to pay your Oodle Pro subscription.

What is happening to Reports?

As a part of the shut down of the Pro service, the Report and Pro tabs are being removed from the My Account section of the website.

Are there any other features that will be removed?

The 'Upload a feed' feature for Oodle Pro accounts has already been deactivated.